6 Weeks of CrossFit and has Rx’ed every workout of the Open!  Go Steph!

On Saturday I did something stupid.  Two things actually.  The first was letting go of the damn bar on my round of 12 toes to bar.  There was really no reason.  I wasn’t that tired.  My grip hadn’t failed me and I was far from muscle failure.  I just gave in to that little voice of weakness that we all have to hear from during a tough WOD.  And I regretted it all day long.  My mantra to our athletes has been to have WOD amnesia.  Just finish the workout and let it go.  Usually I can do this but Saturday I just couldn’t.  So I headed back to WCF Saturday evening, warmed up, and did 13.4 again.  I was tired the whole time but I had one goal: Get to the round of 12 in the same amount of time it took me to in the morning but then hang on to the bar.  Every time I got tired on the clean and jerks my cue was “pick the damned bar up.  pick the damned bar up.  pick the damned bar up.”  Instead of the Zen in-the-zone feeling that’s usually with me during comps I was just too proud to fail again.  The 2nd time around I got to my round of 12 T2B’s and just started counting backwards from 12 in my head.  And I stayed glued to that bar.  2 minutes later it was over.  Sure my score was higher but that wasn’t what it was about.  It was about going home knowing that I had done my personal best.  Most of the time when I see people at WCF finish an Open WOD they immediately begin shaking their head side to side, thinking or knowing they could have done one more rep.  I’m no exception but for just one moment I was.  It felt good.  May the Force be with you during 13.5, we all deserve to feel proud of how our hard work pays off!

1/April/2013 Monday WOD

500 Burpees for Time with a 50# weight vest*

All burpees must be completed by jumping up and over 48″ box.


*You know it’s April 1, right?  Try this instead?

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes

Odd Minutes – 3 Push Press & 6 Lunge Steps with BB in Front Rack

Even Minutes – 5 Chest to Bar Pullups

Gold:  165/113  Silver:  135/93  Bronze:  95/63