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Our CrossFit Kids program offers your children a fitness program that will give them an edge up on skeletal and muscular strength for a healthy life as well as prepare or give support to any sport. Our program is designed to pair fitness with fun. We aim to start the building blocks for a life of health and fitness. It is important to keep in mind that in CrossFit, sometimes a workout will hit your strengths and you can do it as Rx’d, as prescribed, other times it hits your weaknesses and you have to scale or modify.

It runs during the summer break following the Davis School district sumer schedule. It usually runs mon/wed 10am for an hour. It is pay per class @ $5/class or punch card 10 classes for $40. It is taught by CFK certified P.E. teachers broken up into 2 groups that both run at 10am: 5-10yrs old and 10 and up.