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After over 5 years of offering Crossfit to our athletes many wanted to take their strength and power to the next level.  We’ve done that with the best Olympic weightlifting program in Utah.  We now offer 3 days of Olympic weightlifting each week from the best coach in Utah..  On Tuesday there is coaching from 2-6pm class, Thursday Coach Chiu does semi-privates all day starting at 1045am and ending at 530pm, and each Saturday there is an O-lifting class at 9am.

We are registered with USA Weightlifting, the Olympic governing body for O-lifting in the United States, as a club team.  Our team recently took top honors in the 2013 Utah Team State Championships.  The head coach of our program is David Chiu who has medaled at the national level and coached multiple national champions.  We offer every athlete programming designed to result in PR’s rather than just random technique sesssions.

Our USAW program is $75/month for non-members.  It is for athletes who want to compete in meets or who have a passion for the Olympic lifts as well as CrossFit trainers from surrounding affiliates.  Coach Chiu has coached multiple national champions and recently coached 2 WCF athletes to 2011 state championships, come see what he can do for you.

At WCF we feel that our emphasis on the Olympic lifts and barbell training creates superior athletes.  Our athletes are stronger, faster, and more explosive and enjoy a tremendous carryover  of real world strength into life and sport.  We lift on the same barbells used in the last several Olympics (Eleiko and Uesaka barbells) in our dedicated weightlifting area.  Our athletes hold multiple state records, state championships, and consistently medal with top honors as well as national qualifiers at Utah meets.