Power Couple – Richard and Carrie

If you’ve been doing Crossfit for a while you’ll notice that you’re stronger, leaner, and more fit in general.  You may also have noticed that you’re getting a little “tight.”  Inflexible hamstrings, tight hips, and other flexibility issues will dog you if you don’t do some simple things to help.  We like Kelly Starrett from Crossfit San Francisco.  He runs a website where he posts a 5-10 minute mobility workout every single day.  With a few cheap accessories like lacrosse balls you can do these on your own.  If another IFB will be my accountability partner I’ll do one every single day from now to the end of May.  Check it out at MobilityWod.com.

21/April/2011 Friday WOD

Run 400

21 Deadlifts/21 Ring Pushups

Run 400m

15 Deadlifts/15 Ring Pushups

Run 400m

9 Deadlift/9 Ring Pushups

Run 400m

Gold:  95/75  Silver:  75/53  Bronze:  45.  If you didn’t do yesterday’s WOD and you want to add weight on this then you can go up.

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