Joey has stuck with the nutrition challenge all the way, how about you?

Only 3 days left for our nutrition challenge.  It will officially end Thursday at midnight.  I’ve heard of amazing results from the people who have stuck with it and am looking forward to drawing for the $1,000 travel voucher Grand Prize.

The SouthWest Regional is coming to Utah this weekend.  The event will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  If you’re interested in attending tickets are for sale at the gate for $15/day.  We have a team competing as well as Tiffany as an individual athlete.  Currently there are about 2,500 fans per day attending, come check out the biggest CrossFit competition to ever happen in Utah.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Vidnihar Memorial Fund today.  As of 4pm there was nearly $600 in the donation envelope.

29/May/2013 Wednesday WOD

 1 Power Clean + 5 Thrusters.  3 Sets AHAP then:

12 Rounds for Time

8 Thrusters

8 Pullups

Rest :30

Gold:  95/63  Silver:  75/45  Bronze:  Scale as needed with dumbbells