DJ is still going strong.  The 2nd person to ever sign up at Wasatch Crossfit!

Today we’ll run gymnastics and weightlifting concurrently at 9am.  If you’re planning on attending team practice you’ve got a couple options.  Do the one you need more and then repeat the Open WOD at 10am.  Or show up at 9am and then grab a Crossfit Omelette next door and then come to team practice at 11.  Or just come to team practice.  The Open WOD will be repeated at 10am and won’t be part of the team practice.

Drinking a gallon of water today made me realize how little water I’d been drinking.  I can’t wait to see if it impacts my performance during the Open WOD tomorrow.

25/Feb/2011 Saturday schedule

9am – Olympic Weightlifting or Gymnastics

10am – Free Crossfit WOD or Open WOD

11am – Team Practice