On September 23rd we’ll be starting our Fall nutrition challenge, the Whole30. If you haven’t done one before it’s 30 days of strict Paleo.  I think of it as a hard reset:  I get rid of sugar, processed foods, and everything that’s bad for me.  Amazing things have happened during Whole30’s:  Chronic inflammation disappears, we’ve had people lose over 30lbs and 5-6% bodyfat, and sometimes people cry.  Wait, what?  A big nutrition change is challenging and if you’re not prepared with the right information (and a goodly amount of starches such as sweet potatoes) then you’ll be undercaloried and miserable.  So resolve two things: When we do the Whole30 you’re in and when we do our nutrition presentation on the Whole30 you’ll attend and start it off right.  A good place to go for now is the site.  Here’s a link to some strong testimonials about what the Whole30 has done in people’s lives:

This Saturday at Camp Williams there’s a CrossFit competition going on, Operation Ironworx.  We have at least one team and a few individuals going down.  If you’re interested in competing or volunteering go to

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who has referred friends to our almost free Boot Camp!  The early am class is starting to fill up so let your friends know to hurry up and get registered if they plan on attending.  Here’s the link:

5/Sept/2013 Wednesday WOD

Strength:  Push Press 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, 1

WOD:  Complete 3 rounds for maximum reps

1 Minute max wall ball

1 Minute max kettlebell swings

1 Minute Push press (45/33)

Rest 1 Min