We get two kinds of people in January at Wasatch CrossFit.  The first group is people who want to get serious about their fitness and the second group is usually from Gold’s gym and is trying to get away from people who think they’re in the first group.  New Year’s resolutions are rarely kept but written goals are what get sh$t done!  This is a great time of year to set goals as opposed to easily broken New Year’s resolutions.  The picture above shows a useful format for goal setting.  Different things work for different people but here’s what I do: I set SMART goals and put them into the yellow notes app on my iPhone.  Every single morning when I wake the first thing I do is turn on my phone and read my goals.  This way they’re burned into my consciousness all day long.  Some of my goals are CrossFit related, others are about family, career, or faith.  Whatever your goals are until you write them down they’re more like wishes.  I challenge you to spend a couple hours reflecting on the kind of life you want to look back on when you’re old and as Bob H says “ready for a dirtnap.”


Forbes Magazine 10 Things to do before you die

27/Dec/2012 Thursday WOD


Kettlebell Swings (Break parallel to ground)

Air Squats


If you’re doing the New Year’s comp I highly recommend spending some time practicing split jerks from behind the neck.