If there’s one thing that would be a hallmark of WCF athletes it’s mental toughness.  Amy U won the Bairgutsman (the race up to the radar towers.)  Adrian is one of the most disciplined people I’ve ever met.  Amy D has shown a depth of character and poise in times of duress that I can only hope for.  Andrew C has won multiple awards for his work ethic.  Zach B scarred his leg for life on a rope climb so he wouldn’t let his team down.  This year at the Games there was a “WCF moment” for Tiffany that was inspiring in a terrible and dangerous way.  She demo’d the event we did yesterday with Dean Connett, who ran collegiate track, and he told her “If you’re ever comfortable during a race you’re not pushing hard enough.”  She took that to heart at the CrossFit Games and ran harder than she’d ever run before.  The result?  Nearly passing out at the finish line and taking a fall. (Watch it here).  But then something awesome happened.  She got back up.  She finished.  She competed in another event that day and delivered a gutsy performance the next day.  And realized that her limits weren’t where they thought she was.  While most people were concerned about her health (I knew she was ok) I was excited and proud that she had been able to push to a threshold that she’d never pushed to before.  That’s what this crazy CrossFit thing is all about.  Not the Games, not the glory, but the quiet moments when we know our self imposed limits are a lie and we are capable of far more than we ever thought possible.

31/July/2013 Thursday WOD  “Midline crawl”

3 Rounds for Time

35 abmat sit ups
Hs walk x 15 yards  (falling is ok, must restart where you come down)
OH stationary lunge x 12 steps (6L/6R)  155#/115#
**scale HS walk with 45 yards of bear crawl each round**