It’s that time of year again!  Time to clean up our eating and see incredible gains in performance, body composition, and even some surprises like lingering soreness and sleep issues getting resolved.  Nutrition is the base of our wellness pyramid and it’s at the heart of everything we do.  This 5 week challenge isn’t about a diet.  It’s about establishing the habits of a healthy lifestyle and using this 5 weeks of discipline to give you both the results you want and the habits you’ll need for Summer.  Ultimately we all want to perform at our best, feel good, be healthy, and look great naked.

This year’s challenge will have a couple of variations but a few things will be constant.  Regardless of meal plan you’ll be working out 5 times a week.  4 of them will be at WCF, the 5th can be a hike, a run, a bike ride, as long as you get 30 minutes or more of movement.  We’ll also be posting an active recovery workout on the whiteboard so if you want to come in and row, bike, or do some mobility work you can do that in a structured way rather than the WOD.  Eating plans will include Paleo, Zone, and non-Paleo macro-based options to help you with your goals:  Lean out, or gain muscle, or just get healthier.

Last of all, this year’s challenge will have teams!  You’ll all select your coach when you sign up and it will be there job to help you go the distance and get the results you want.  We’re giving a prize to the trainer and team that has the highest percentage of their athletes make it all 5 weeks so get ready to go all the way.

When:  Official start day is Monday April 14th and the challenge ends May 16th at Noon.

THURSDAY at WCFHQ we’ll be doing a potluck and Q&A  at 7:30pm with presentations on how to eat well, meal plan access, and more.

Who:  All WCF and WCFN athletes.

What is it:  3 eating plans and 5 workouts a week

What else:  All participants are required to take “before” pictures and complete the benchmark WOD on Monday April 14th.  We recommend having a friend/spouse shoot the pictures, they are for you and you’re not required to share them.

Ultrasound Body Comp Testing:  Available for $10 if you want it.

How much:  The cost to participate is $25 per person.

Sign up below.  All participants are required to sign up on the form below even if you pay at the front counter so that you can select your coach.  Then have Banu or a trainer add you to our Facebook Group!

Email Address:
Who do you want to coach you during this challenge? Priscilla Adrian


Lindsay J


Amy D

Amy U

Zach B



Andrew C




What are your goals for this challenge? Get lean Gain muscle

No weight change but be healthier

How would you like to pay the $25 registration? Cash in an envelope with my name on it Check

Please bill my card on file


7/April/2014 Monday WOD

Build to heaviest (Squat) Clean possible in 8 min.

Then for Time:  9, 15, 21

Squat Clean  (135/93 Gold)  (115/83 Silver)  (95/63 Bronze)

Hand release push up

Box jump 24/20

Sport: Oly+ WOD
EMOTM 10 min
ODD:20 cals/15 cals
EVEN:  15 Shoulder to OH  (115/ 85)
Push Jerk:  Heaviest 3, then 3×3