CrossFit’s methodology is constantly varied functional movement at high intensity.  We don’t train to be good at working out (that’s what Sport class is for) we train to not suck at life.  To be ready for any thing be it running, lifting, hiking all day, carrying your kids on a hike, snowboarding or skiing, or whatever life throws at you.  Today’s training session is different than what you’ve done before and like most new things it might be hard.  You can embrace the suck or embrace sucking.  Your choice.

3/Dec/2013 Tuesday WOD

Front Squat to a heavy single – :10 pause at the bottom, :15 pause at the top

Push Press to a heavy single – :10 pause in the rack position, :15 pause at the top


5 Minute Thruster Test

Max Thrusters in 5 Minutes 75/53