Working for Suunto, a company that is involved in heart rate monitoring and exercise tracking, I had heard of Crossfit before, but when the opportunity came up to get involved in Crossfit about 15 months ago, I jumped at it. I have worked out, on and off throughout the years and remained in moderately good shape, but needed something different to re-energize me and get me excited about going to the gym. Crossfit has definitely done that. I wasn’t overweight, but since starting Crossfit, I have dropped 13 pounds and am leaner than I’ve ever been. I had a closet full of pants that I had to give to a friend of mine ! Now when I go to Suunto corporate events, or product demonstrations for key accounts, I look forward to strapping on a heart rate belt, and walking the walk and talking the talk.

My travel schedule and family life keeps me very busy, but I have made Crossfit a priority , even when on the road, and use the bodyweight workouts that Damon has given me to keep working out, even when in Europe.

I’ve swam all my life, had run a bit as well , and recently have gotten hooked on cycling.

I plan to compete in a few triathlons this summer, after doing one last summer. Since starting Crossfit, my per minute mile running pace has picked up by 45 seconds, my swimming is faster, and my lighter, leaner strength to weight ratio has improved my cycling tremendously (not to mention all of the wall balls and air squats). Here is a picture of me from last Summer’s Ogden Xterra. I plan to compete again this summer and have set my sights on competing in the Xterra World Championships on Maui in October.

Here is a picture from a recent surf trip I went on. It usually takes 4 days to get into good paddling shape on a surf trip, but I was amazed at how good I felt paddling into waves and catching basically every wave I went after. My friends on the other hand, got tired, missed waves and couldn’t catch nearly as many. I successfully converted one of them into a Crossfit die-hard and he is now training regularly in San Francisco.

One of my favorite parts of Crossfit is the community. We have a great group of people at WCF, and I enjoy seeing all of them at our WODs . Everyone is supportive, cheer others on, and the camaraderie is awesome. This makes it fun to come to the gym, even though when we know we will all suffer together. For a little while my wife was able to train with me too, but currently her work schedule won’t allow her to get to the gym, but I know that she is hooked as well, and really misses it.

I look forward to pull-ups, pushups and HSPUs (still working on these a bit), but feel so

much stronger than I ever did, although I still have a lot of work to do to get better at OHS and other Olympic lifts, but that is the beauty of Crossfit. You could be great at one exercise but horrible at another. There is always something that is a challenge, no matter how fit you

are ! I am hooked on Crossfit and find myself checking the website every day. I can’t even imagine ever going back to a regular gym and just lifting weights. I’m also now looking at the workouts on Crossfit Endurance to help with my Triathlon training.

Pain from wall-balls, calluses from pull-ups, shin scrapes from dead lifts and cuts and bruises are all badges of honor that I wear proudly, knowing that I am Crossfit!

A huge thank you to Damon, Priscilla, Carol, Eric, Mike, and John , who have all had a part in hurting me, and making me better ! Someday , I hope to be able to return the favor !