I first started CrossFit in a last ditch attempt to prepare for my first increment of USMC OCS in the summer of 2008. I was able to put a month of training with Damon before I shipped out; and I believe it was critical to making me more physically fit, flexible, and especially mentally tough to make it through the training and get through without injury. I had new found stamina in the more functional challenges such as the obstacle course, endurance course, and aptly named stamina course.

I resolved to stick with CrossFit and the next summer when I went for the second 6-week increment I completely abandoned my run heavy prep in favor of the programming at Wasatch CrossFit and cut my total mileage to a quarter of the running I did the year before (made mandatory by the recruiter).

If I had any doubts about the effectiveness of CrossFit they were quickly erased. I PR’d my 5k time when I arrived in Virginia (at sea level), beat my previous obstacle course time by 15 seconds (where you only two minutes to negotiate the course before failing), and achieved a high score on the new CrossFit inspired Combat Fitness Test. I know when I commission next summer and report to my next training course I will be physically and mentally ready.

I rely on CrossFit to keep me mentally sane, with my fulltime work and fulltime school schedule. Being able to keep fit with only 3-4 hours of training a week with great coaches and friends, and still attaining new personal records is amazing.

I keep coming back not only for the physical results, but for the mental challenge, there is something about finding out just how tough you are in the middle of a WOD, I usually tend to not like what I see, and I know I have a long way to go. There is a leadership trait that says “know yourself and seek self improvement” I am trying to do just that.

My goals are to keep attacking my weaknesses and be a better father, husband, Marine, and athlete; I believe CrossFit is helping me to obtain them.