What is success?   The progressive realization of a worthy goal.  Every day at WCF I get to hear people talke about setting PR’s and exceeding their limits but the best moments are when someone gets that muscle-up, pullup, or _____ that they’ve been working on for a year, two years, maybe even more.  Setting goals for yourself and then plugging away day after day is the difference between training and merely working out.

Today I’m headed down to Cedar City to pursue a goal I set when I first started training with Coach Chiu over 3 years ago.  The goal itself isn’t as important as what I’ve gained along on the way:  Discipline, hard work, having fun with friends in the Oly area, and how to be a better coach.   Will I accomplish it?  Who knows.  Sometimes great things happen in competitions, sometimes you drop the barbell on your head and go home with stitches.  (I did this 2 meets ago.)  What I do know is I’ll feel good about having gave it 100% in training and knowing that whatever I do will be my personal best.  I’ll feel even better if I come home with the 77kg statewide snatch record too.  Set a goal this year, passionately pursue it, and have fun along the way.  That’s what makes this crazy CrossFit thing satisfying.

21/June/2013 Friday WOD “Train like Tiff”



Box Jumps (20)

Rest 1 Minute


Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)

Rest 1 Minute

Lunge Jumps

Knees to elbows

Rest 1 minute

50 Wallballs (Unbroken)