Nice Monika!

Sumo Deadlift high pull (SDHP), what the heck is that?  Yeah, it’s this funky move we don’t do that often.  You take your legs out wider than a normal deadlift and bring your hands in closer.  You then deadlift, pulling it up under your chin.  Just like this…

Yes, the weight is light, BUT it is still important to keep your back strong and avoid rounding! I feel like I’m starting to sounding like a broken record, but good form avoids injury!!

1/April/2014 Tuesday WOD:

“Fight Gone Task”

3 rounds:

20 Cal row
20 wall balls (20/14)
20 push press (75/55)
20 SDHP (75/55)
20 box jumps (ol’ school style, no control on top is ok today)

Rest 2 mins

*score is slowest round


Sport: Run 5K at 23:00 min pace
Front squat 5 rounds: 5 light, 5 medium, 5 heavy
Rest as needed, no more than 1:30
Practice HS walk or strict HSPU during rest