7:30am Team Practice today.  Today’s session will focus on range of motion, team transitions, and end with some skills and mobility work.  The WOD will be a 2 person partner WOD.  If you plan on competing in the Open or are looking for a slot on the Regionals team then haul your butt out of bed and be there at 7:30am sharp.  We’ll have a special “late vest” you can wear to help you out if you arrive late and miss the group warmup.

We’re going to switch to a new format with gymnastics and rowing since we’ve found that 30 minutes isn’t really enough to cover everything.  They’ll now be an hour long and will alternate Saturdays.  This Saturday is gymnastics, next Saturday is rowing.

28/Jan/2011 Saturday WOD

8am – Gymnastics

9am – Olympic Weightlifting

10am – Free Crossfit WOD