The 2012 Retro Games are almost here!  At last year’s event we had over 150 athletes compete and we expect this year to be bigger, better, and have more cowbell.  For the uninitiated, the Retro Games are a local CrossFit competition where we do the workouts of past CrossFit Games.  This year we’re doing the 2008 individual workouts, and the 2009 team workouts. Now it’s on the nitty gritty which I’ll cover in an entertaining Q & A format that will result in you loving burpees and getting massive PR’s on all your lifts.  You’re welcome!

When will the Retro Games be held:  August 24th and 25th.  The individuals will start at 3pm on Friday and the teams will sgtart at 4pm.

Where?  Wasatch CrossFit in Layton. There will be an off-site run for the team competitors.

Who is running the Retro Games? On top of our amazing army of judges and volunteers Damon Stewart of WCF and Tommy Hackenbruck from Ute CF are the event coordinators.

Will I get a shirt?  You’ll get a sweet shirt thanks to Dr. Travis Hendry of Summit Orthopedics Group.

How much is it to register? For teams it’s $50/pp. For individuals it’s $75.

Do you need volunteers and judges?  Yes!  Please register at

Do I have to be good to compete? The team events are scalable and open to anyone who’s familiar with the CrossFit movements. We’re allowing 50 teams to register. The individual events are not scalable and to participate you must enter the online qualifier. This costs $10 but we will discount your registration by $10.

Where do I go to register?  Go to and you’ll immediately see both team and individual registration.

—————–Team Info———————

What are the team events?  The team events from the 2009 CrossFit Games consisted of 3 qualifying workouts and then the top 6 teams moved on to a final hell-storm of a chipper.  We’ll be doing the same thing.

Event # 1: Each teammate establishes a 3RM Overhead squat and then has 2 attempts at max rep pullups with every rep scoring. 15 Minute cutoff.

Event #2: The Stadium WOD: Each teammate does 20 wallball to a 14 foot target and then rotate through 4 stations – DB pushpress 40/20, KB Swings 1.5/1, Box Jumps 24, Row calories. Then each teammate exits via 20 deadlifts at 225/135. We are scaling for teams if needed.                  

Event #3: Team run. Each person will individually run a steep 800m-ish course and then the whole team will run it together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The Final WOD: Teams will move through the final chipper from the 2009 Games.  The order of the first 3 WODs may change or be different depending on scheduling for Friday and the number of heats.

———————-Individual Info—————–

What are the individual events?  We’ll be doing all the events from the 2008 CrossFit Games which was known as the “Every Second Counts” Games.  They are as follows:  CTB Fran, the Deadlift/Burpee couplet, a run, and 30 Squat Cleans to Overhead at 155/105 for time.  You can download a full description of all WODs and ROM standards here, courtesy of

What are the individual online qualifier events?  They will be released on Monday, July 30th.


If you have more questions please post them to comments.