Yes it’s crazy.  People actually have fun when they train.

Dates:  Sept 11/12 thru Oct 3rd
Times:  6am, 9am, and 6pm
Days:  Monday and Wednesday in Layton, Tuesday Thursday in Centerville.  Additional online workouts will be provided for Friday/Saturday
Locations:  Layton City Park (437 N Wasatch Dr) and Founders Park (300 N 100 E, Centerville)

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Contact Info:  Damon Stewart, 801-643-1504.  Please text if possible.

Our goal at Wasatch CrossFit is to bring real fitness to as many people as possible. In the last 7 years we’ve learned two things: Fitness comes from hard work and clean eating. That’s it. There’s no magic pill. We’ve seen people accomplish amazing things with just a few weeks of strict eating and training and now you’re invited to join us. It’s your turn to see great results!
Friendly faces are the norm at CrossFit
From September 11th and 12th to Sept October 3rd we’re running an almost free 3 week outdoor Boot Camp.  Here’s what you may be thinking:   Sure it’s “almost” free, what’s the catch? There are no hidden strings, there’s no catch. Just a big group of people sweating together. We want to share CrossFit with as many people as possible and have as much fun as possible doing it.  Of course you’ve probably figured out that we’re not a charity and $29 is an extremely inexpensive way to try CrossFit. We hope that enough of you love the results you’ll want to sign up for CrossFit at one of our 3 great locations or maybe even personal training with the best trainers in Utah. It’s kind of like a first date. You can check us out, have some fun, and just maybe decide that this CrossFit thing can transform you too.  Still not sure? Check out what some of our athletes have to say about what you’ll be getting for less than a good meal at a decent restaurant.
How much is it?
$29.  You’ll get 3 weeks of sessions with the best coaches in Utah, at home and running workouts programmed for you for free, plus a guide to eating right that includes 6 weeks of meal plans, grocery shopping lists, menus, and all of the science behind eating right.  By the way, we don’t believe in yo-yo diets.  Just in healthy lifestyle changes that work long term.  We’ll also be doing free nutrition presentations in both Centerville and Layton.
Are you going to yell at me?
We’re experts in positive motivation. We’ll push you to be your best but there won’t be any in your face yelling. We believe that real fitness is a lifelong thing, who wants to be yelled out for the rest of their life?
How long is each session?
45 minutes to an hour.
What should I bring?
Come dressed to work out and bring a bottle of water and a towel or yoga mat.
I’m not in very good shape, is this for me?
In the past 6 years we’ve trained people who were more than 100lbs overweight, coming back from recently giving birth, or who hadn’t worked out in over 10 years. The workouts will be scalable so that everyone can do them.
Is there a minimum age?
16 and up please. Any minors must have waivers signed by their parents.
I’m in great shape, is this for me?
Yes. We’ve trained everyone from professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and operators training to go hunt terrorists in the Middle East. We can push you as hard as you’re ready for.
I’m ready to sign up for CrossFit right now, do I have to do the outdoor Boot Camp first?
No.  If you’re ready to sign up for CrossFit now then we’ll give you $29 off of your first month and you can sign up right away.  Click the location most convenient to you to sign up:

Layton (Next to Layton HS)

Layton (Hwy 193)



Is space limited?
Yes! We pride ourselves on offering quality training and will be limiting enrollment to make sure you get the attention you deserve.


What kind of results can I expect?
It depends on if you do the program. If you show up to every session, do the optional Friday and Saturday workouts, and make the commitment to follow a strict eating plan for 3 weeks then we can promise you’ll shed pounds, lean out, and be amazed at what you can accomplish in 3 short weeks.


Are there men?

Haha.  Yes.  Some people want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle.  We’re great at helping you with both.  While you probably won’t be climbing a rope at the CrossFit Games like Adrian is below, if you stick with us you’ll get stronger, leaner, and more powerful.  Maybe even be able to leap tall building with a single bound (no guarantees though.)