Here’s the write-up from The Early Risers:  We aren’t seasoned CrossFit competitors. This was the second competition for Danny and Cindy and the first for Kristin and Gabe. After the fun we had, we’re all ready to compete again. Even though we weren’t quite in contention for the win (I think Tommy’s overhead squat was heavier than Gabe & Danny’s combined), we all understand better how much fun it is to push yourself just a little bit harder to try not to let down your teammates. We’re all proud of each other and happy that we took the leap to sign up and go for it. It’s basically just like a really great WOD but on a team and with more people standing around cheering or, in some cases, screaming at you to pick up the bar and finish those deadlifts. If you’ve thought about it, don’t let the thought that you’re not good enough stop you. Just go ahead and give it a shot. We can’t thank Damon and all the volunteers and judges enough for all their work to make it happen. It was a fantastic event.

28/Aug/2012 Tuesday WOD

AMRAP 12 Minutes

5 Deadlifts (225/133)

10 Air Squats

20 Pushups