Tonight I watched a beautiful sunset from my deck and reflected back on a great day.  It’s so easy to rush through life under the guise of busy-ness and never take a moment to appreciate sunsets, time with family, play, all of the good things that will leave us with the sense that this life was well lived.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to today being awesome.  So many of you helped put the gym together, many of you thanked us today, and nearly 150 athletes enjoyed 2 great WODs today.  Thank you for helping us realize our vision of being world class.  We’ll still have some hiccups to iron out this week but we’re grateful for the tight knit welcoming community that we’ve all built.

Today’s Schedule:  Am – 5:30, 6:30, 9, 10, 1145  Pm – 3:30 (OG), 4:30, 5:30, 6:30

19/Aug/2014 Tuesday WOD

Row 1,000m

30 Deadlift

20 Bar Muscle-Ups

Row 500m

Gold:  315/225  Silver:  255/185 + 40 C2b Pullups  Bronze:  195/133 + 60 Pullups