Along with great movement Summer has tremendous discipline!  Ask her about the results she experienced during our Spring nutrition challenge. 

Our job as trainers has a few key aspects.  Get you moving well.  Get you eating above the 80% compliance mark.  And build a sense of community such that you’ll want to keep coming back even though our workouts are a lot harder than reading a magazine while you do cardio.  Nutrition challenges are a great chance to create the experience of what life would be like if you could be 100% strict on your training and eating.  Amazing things happen in 6 short weeks.  This challenge we had people lose over 10lbs, one lost over 5% bodyfat around his midsection, one lost over 5% bodyfat over their whole body!  The intangible results are even better.  Better health metrics.  Increased longevity and quality of life.

I was waiting for 2 people to get their results in but the wait is over.  In just under an hour I’ll be posting this year’s winner on the blog and on Facebook.  While a $1,000 travel voucher is great the real win is every person who stuck with and has one more year to play with their grandkids someday or one more great vacation where they hike, bike, wear a bathing suit with confidence, or just enjoy the self confidence with knowing that you’re in shape and that shape isn’t round.

Today’s training is courtesy of Adrian.  This is the training that has put Ute CrossFit’s team in a dominant position and is the foundation of our Sport program at Wasatch.  Go hard, have fun, and be ready for a little 21-15-9 action on Wednesday!

11/June/2013 Tuesday WOD “Coach A’s lovely gift to you”

Back Squat 6, 6, 6, 6  AHAP (2:00 rest between sets)

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes

Even Minutes:  Men Row 20 calories, Women do 13 Pushups

Odd Minutes:  Women Row 14 calories, Men do 17 Pushups

Rest 3 Minutes

30 Strict Toes to Bar (For time)


You’ll have 4 scores tomorrow:  Squat load, lowest calories rowed and lowest pushups achieved, and time for toes to bar.  If you make the interval every time your scores will be the Rx’ed numbers above for calories and pushups.