This is it right here.  Love it when a picture captures a feeling perfectly

Team Captains please send me your pics or tag Wasatch CrossFit into them on Facebook.  I’d love to do a write-up on every single team that competed but will need your help to do it.  After 11 hours of sleep Saturday night followed by 3 naps on Sunday I’m almost recovered from this past week.  Thank you again to the volunteers who helped so much, we truly could not have done it without you.  I’ll have more to say tomorrow but for now congratulations to our dual champions Adrian & Tiffany and to every single team who competed.

27/Aug/2012 Monday WOD

Establish a 2RM Thruster in 10 Minutes then:

12, 9, 6

Heavy Thruster (135/93)*

Run 200m

Gold:  135/93  Silver:  115/83  Bronze:  Scale as needed but it should be heavy for you.

*If you put the bar down before completing all the reps in a set there is a 3 rep penalty for that round.