Our youngest team included four of our Junior High and HS athletes!

Today was one of those rare days when I didn’t even make it into WCF.  I was out visiting.  My goal is to visit every single CrossFit in Utah in the next month and today I made it to four.  CrossFit Cache Valley, CrossFit Iota, CrossFit Southtown, and CrossFit North Ogden.  When I started CrossFit there were less than 25 Affiliates nationwide and now there are 50 in Utah!  This month I want to meet everyone, learn something everywhere I go, and bring home some cool ideas to WCF so we can continue to improve.  Today I saw a great pullup progression permanently posted on the whiteboard to help athletes get strict pullups before they move on to kipping.  At CFCV they program 3 different WODs a day depending on what your goals are do and a client assessment that includes mobility.  At Southtown they had a unique wallball target setup that we’re going to imitate at WCF.  And finally CF North Ogden is one of the best organized gyms I’ve been to and that is something I always want to do better.  I’m taking notes and can’t wait to keep learning everything possible to make WCF better.

31/Aug/2012 Friday WOD

Accumulate as many seconds as possible in 15 minutes of overhead holds:

Run 400m

Hold 135/93 Over head as long as possible

Gold:  Rx’ed  Silver:  95/63  Bronze:  Scale as needed but if you can hold it more than a minute it’s too light.


Each time you drop the bar run 400m.  This WOD starts with a run.