If you have been around Wasatch CrossFit more than a few days, chances are you know who Tiffany Hendrickson is. If not here is a blip from her bio on http://games.crossfit.com/athlete/51106

One of the reasons I love CrossFit so much is that it includes so many training aspects from different sports. It’s an A.D.D person’s heaven, there is no time for boredom.! Last year was my first year competing in CrossFit. I participated in the open and qualified for regionals with our team WCF, but that was the end of the road. After a short reprieve in training this past summer I decided I really wanted to make it to the 2012 games and started signing up for every comp I could. I’ve had a lot of growth as an athlete and with each competition I come away feeling more and more confidant in my abilities I think fitness should be unique for everyone, finding whatever it is that you love to do. I also am a big believer in goal setting! It definitely helps whether it’s how many days a week you’re going to make it in to the gym, an increase in strength, or getting ready for a specific competition. Our goals are powerful and can pull us through the obstacles in life!

Tiffany qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games In Carson CA, July 25 – 27 this year, placing second in Regionals. Along with many sponsors helping her financially we can help as well on her road to success! I Am Beastmode has created a shirt with Wasatch CrossFit’s Logo on the sleeve or on the back of the tanks. Check it out…

Hendrickson TEE or TANK is $30 and is available at www.IAMBEASTMODE.com for purchase. This is a pre-sale item and will not ship until July 24th. We are trying to generate as much revenue as possible to help Tiffany with her expenses for the CrossFit Games. A generous portion of the proceeds goes directly to Tiffany.


9 / July / 2014 Wednesday


In 10 mins build to heaviest Squat Clean

EMOM for 10 min.
1 squat clean with 10 sec pause in the “catch” (@ 60% of 1RM)

4×10 weighted sit ups AHAP