Many of you have heard how tragedy has struck Yvette’s family.  If you haven’t it’s front and center on  Terrible things happen to good people and our hearts and prayers are with her and her family.  Countless people texted and called me today asking how we could help.  On Tuesday we’ll be holding a fundraiser WOD at 9am.  From 8:30am to 9am we’ll be setting aside time to come share, grieve, and support each other.  At this point we don’t know the best way to support their family but I texted her and let her know our community would serve her in any way we could.  Her message to Banu today was simple:  “Hug your children tonight.”

24/May/2013 Friday WOD

Gymnastics Strength:  3 x 10 Ring Rows

Oly:  5×3 Snatch with pause below the knee.  No heavier than 70%, receive each set in a progressively deeper squat

WOD:  “The Animal:

150 Kettlebell Swings for time 1.5/1