At Wasatch Crossfit we have a simple belief:  if we work hard to deliver excellence every day, welcome people, and treat them right we’ll be successful .  Our goal is to provide the best Crossfit training experience in the world and make sure you get results and have fun.  In order to get better at this humble mission we need your feedback.  We’ll also be emailing this out to you, please only fill it out once.  You may have heard that we’re taking over the rest of the building in early 2012.  Our goal every year as we grow is to continually improve your training experience.  Please let us know what we can do to make things better, whether it’s coaching, training, the facility, the trainers, or anything else you can think of.

What are we doing well?
What aren’t we doing that you’d like to see started?
Is there anything we’re doing you don’t like?
Do you have any specific feedback not covered by the questions above that will help us improve:

28/Dec/2011 Tuesday WOD

Tabata Thrusters 95/63
Rest 2 Min
Tabata CTB Pullups
Rest 2 Min
Tabata HSPU’s

Score is lowest interval of each movement.