John P’s fundraiser for the Arizona hotshot crew is today (Thurs).  Please support it any way you can!  We have a strong firefighter community at WCF many of whom do wildlands firefighting.  It could have been our guys and your support is deeply appreciated.  Here’s the link to full details:

The Muscle-up clinic for Saturday is filling up fast.  Please text me to reserve your slot.  If you can’t make it we are doing a silent auction with some cool stuff from 10-11am.  Here are the details:

18/July/2013 Thursday WOD

2 Deadlifts/minute x 5 Minutes @ 80% of 1RM then:


Deadlifts (225/153)

Box Jumps (20″)


Optional:  3 x 10 Muscle-up pull-throughs alternated with hollow rocks