Bad things happen to good people.  We can’t explain it away but we can do our best to help.  Today we’re going to be doing a WOD in remembrance of Yvette’s V’s young children who were slain last week.  At 8:30am we’re inviting you to come in and talk, cry, share, and spend some time in a supportive environment amongst friends.  At 9am we’ll be doing a fundraiser WOD for the Vidinhar family.  This WOD will be the workout of the day and you’re welcome to come do it any time.  Donations can be made in person tomorrow or I will post information to comments for an account the family set up at America First CU for donations.

28/May/2013 Tuesday WOD

With a partner, perform the following, partition as needed and complete in any order:

50 Ring Dips

100 Burpees

150 Double Unders

*Work can only be performed while partner is holding a barbell locked out overhead.  Recommended weight is 135/93 but do what you can.