Tonight at 6:30pm we’ll be disassembling the rig for anyone who wants to come help.  If you do come help out a hard hat is required.  You may also want to bring a drill and/or socket set.  I’ll have a few but the more the merrier.  We’ll start at 6:30pm and should be done no later than 9pm and probably earlier.

Thursday is our last day at “WCFHQ”.  It will be hard to get out of the habit of calling it that.  We’re going to have some fun Thursday evening from 7-10pm at Layton Surf and Swim.  Please join us.  Many of you have generously offered to help out with moving things over with your trucks and trailers.  Please text me if you’re willing to help Wed/Thurs/Fri.  Today we’re moving the kettlebells and lots of little things.

Saturday we’ll be doing a track workout (Thank you Amy D!).  Please show up at the Layton HS track at 10am.  Friday we’ll have PM classes only at our Hwy 193 location.

13/Aug/2014 Wednesday WOD

Power Clean


Bench Press


Superset these movements (move from one to the other with no rest) then rest 2:00 between sets.  Then:

“Little Cindy” 10 Minutes as Many Rounds as Possible

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 airsquats