The first two weeks you were challenged by giving something up.  This week’s challenge is different:  Eat 1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight.  If you’re overweight then you may want to do 70% of your body-weight or 200g, whichever is greater.  It’s easy to do this without supplementing protein but if you do supplement we recommend Progenex because of it’s high quality and the bio-availability of their protein.  I’ll post an average day of eating for me to comments which usually puts me somewhere between 250 and 300g of protein.  Why eat more protein?  Protein is thermogenic:  Your body has to expend calories to get the calories from protein.  It also forms the building blocks of your muscles.  In general eating sufficient protein along with mostly vegetables will help you lean out and perform your best.  If you need a good way to track it on your phone try a free app like “LoseIt” or any other of the 100’s out there.  I like ones that allow you scan the barcode of whatever it is you’re eating.

CrossFit Sport 9am & 5:30pm

I’ve been so focused on the remodel that there is some basic building maintenance that was deferred and needs to be done.  Please list anything you’d like to see done (parking lot striped, faucets, etc.) to comments and I will put it into a prioritized list and get it done in October.

1/Oct/2012 Monday WOD

AMRAP 15 Minutes


Kettlebell Swings (All the way to overhead)



Then challenge skill work:  150 Double-Unders

Gold:  2Pood/1.5 & HSPU’s    Silver:  1.5/1 & 2-abmat HSPU’s  Bronze:  1/.75 & 2:1 Pushups