Pamela trains at both locations – North and WCFHQ

In addition to our great community there are some other reasons to train at WCF.  First of all, you get to train at 3 great locations:  Hwy 193 (WCFNorth.com), WCFHQ, and WCF Race in Centerville (CrossFitRace.co).  You don’t have to do anything extra, just show up for a class and train hard.  You also get free acess to MobilityWOD.com and PaleoPlan.com.  You also get 3 boxes worth of community and challenges:  We’re going to be doing 2 fun challenges in mid-September:  First of all, we’ll be unifying the WOD across all 3 locations Monday thru Thursday for 4 weeks and then you’ll be able to see your results on a Facebook page.  Next up, we’ll have a Whole30 challenge starting September 16th.  If you haven’t done one it’s one of the best ways to reset your habits and experience incredible results in a short amount of time.  Last but not least, we’re going to be announcing a “Back to School Almost-Free Boot Camp” which is a way your friends can experience 3 weeks of CrossFit at a great price.  Look for it in tomorrow’s blog post and on Facebook.

Announcement:  Paleo Medicine class tonight at 6:30pm.  If you’re interested in natural alternatives, don’t like pharmaceuticals, and want to get ready to be healthy for this cold/flu season come spend an hour learning about the power of essential oils.

27/Aug/2013 Tuesday WOD

50 Front Squats (75/45)

Run 800m

50 Barbell Lunges (75/45)

Run 400m

50 Push Press (75/45)

Run 200m