Today we’re saying goodbye to a couple of my favorite people.  First of all, Chris & Laurie Davis are moving to Florida.  They’ve been with us since back in our dirty warehouse days in Kaysville and will be sorely missed.  Laurie wrote me possibly the most inspirational letter I’ve ever received from an athlete and their whole family always shows up and works hard with a smile.  Here’s what they have to say:

We are going to make our final WOD’s at Wasatch Crossfit tomorrow.  Chris is going to the 0530 and Laurie is going to the 9 or 10.  No need to program anything special for us – we’ve always liked your programming for its variety, challenge, and scalability (we do like WOD’s where we all end at the same time though 🙂   We know we’ll never find another crossfit like Wasatch.  We’ve both made great progress (especially with the Paleo eating) because of the wonderful coaches and team atmosphere you maintain.  We’ll still never forget our first workout in Farmington, neither of us had acclimated to the altitude and we did tire flips around the building.  Somebody threw up, we wanted to!

We’ll miss the friends we’ve made here and will remember WCF with every clean, double under, or box jump 🙂

– Chris and Laurie Davis

Also, tonight we’ll be wishing Evan well at Roosters in Layton at 7pm.  At the end of next week he’ll be headed off to grad school which in some weird way will be the end of an era.  I know Ling and Jen at least will have something to remember him by….they’ve kept their mustache clippings close by for when they need an extra boost in WODs.

27/July/2012 Friday WOD “Every muscle will be sore”

AMRAP 4 Minutes

10 Pushups

10 Pullups

Rest 1 Minute

AMRAP 4 Minutes

Weighted box Step-ups

20/12 box, 95/65 on a barbell

Rest 1 Minute

Max Air Squats in 1 minute