Workouts like yesterday remind me of what I consider the first and most important principle of coaching:  First, do no harm.  That may sound familiar, it’s the Hippocratic oath and something that CrossFit trainers should also take note of.  Now how does that pertain to yesterday’s workout?  When programming the day after a day like yesterday it’s important to consider simple things like shoulders.  Shoulders are easy to tweak and hard to heal.  When I see bad programming it usually involves programming shoulders 6 days a week.  It’s easy to do in CrossFit.  Thrusters Monday, some pullups on Tuesday, maybe a few HSPU’s on Wednesday, then some burpees, maybe we’ll overhead squat next.  Before you know it people are walking around rubbing their shoulders and talking about how great CrossFit is while they gobble ibuprofen like candy.  What’s the point of this rant?  Enjoy your running today and be wary of doing shoulders 6 days a week.

22/June/2013 Tuesday WOD

4 Rounds for Time

Run 800m

Front Rack Hold:  :60, :45, :30, :15

Rx:  225/135

Front rack hold is the top of the front squat.  Just unrack the bar bar and stand there. Simple, right?  So run 800m then hold the barbell in the rack for 1 minute.  Run 800m then hold the bar in the rack for :45.  Continue with the :30 and :15 round.