Bob shows us what the triple extension should look like

You’re new to CrossFit.  Your Fran time keeps dropping.  PR’s keep coming.  Strength numbers go up.  Pretty much every time you leave WCF you’ve got a new personal record in the books.  Part of this is because none of us were CrossFit when we started and part of it because that’s how newbies adapt – in leaps and bounds.  Then somewhere in year 2 the PR’s aren’t coming as frequently.  You make 5lb jumps instead of 25lb jumps.  What’s next?  You can get better in one of 3 areas:  Get stronger.  Get a better engine.  Move better.  For most people #3 is where the magic is.  Good movement leads to higher intensity because it’s more efficient.  If you expend less energy you’ll go longer and be able to go faster.  You won’t hurt yourself.  And you’ll keep the PR’s coming.  During today’s training session focus on the best possible movement you can.  As coach Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, is prone to say:  The magic is in the movement.

8/July/2013 Monday WOD “Light Load Long Distance Quickly”

Every Minute on the minute for 7 minutes

5 Deadlifts*5 Hang Power Cleans*5 Front Squats*5 Push Press then:

2 Rounds for Time

12, 9, 6, 3




Rx:  75/45