Most athletes at WCF have great form on their back squat and pretty good form on the front squat.  When the barbell goes overhead things change fast.  The overhead squat isn’t just a test of strength:  It requires balance, flexibility, excellent midline stabilization, AND strength.  Back in the good old days of CrossFit every day started with “The CrossFit warmup” which included 3 rounds of 15 overhead squats with PVC or an empty bar.  Today we’ll be doing heavy overhead squats before the WOD and lightweight OHS during the WOD.  If you’ve got serious form issues a great way to get better would be to add that 3×15 to your warmup or cooldown and address your strength and mobility issues.  How do you know if you’ve got a good OHS?  Bodyweight x 15 reps is the gold standard.

19/June/2013 Wednesday WOD

In 7 minutes build to heavy OHS single then:

3 Rounds for time

30 Overhead squats x 45/33

20 Box Jumps

10 HSPU’s


Optional challenge:  Attempt 15 OHS @ bodyweight