Our Whole30 kickoff meeting will be tonight at 7:30pm at WCFHQ.  Attendance isn’t mandatory but we will be announcing all of the details of the challenge as well as answering as many of your questions as possible.  Please bring a lawn chair.  We’ll keep it under an hour including Q&A.

18/Sept/2013 Wednesday WOD

Skill:  Pose Running Drills

WOD:  4 x 800m Run.  Rest 1:1.  Score is fastest and slowest 800m.

Optional:  Back Squat 10 reps @ 60% of 1 rep max + 10 burpees, rest :30, 3 RFT



WHOLE30 SUCCESS STORY – When I began the challenge I think I was 148 pounds and by the end of the challenge I was 145. I didn’t lose much weight, however, my changes stemmed from losing body fat (I think I lost 2-4%). SO ladies, DON’T get caught up on the number on the scale!!!! During the first 30 days of the challenge my diet was based off the Whole30 then the second 30 days I did strict paleo. No alcohol, no cheats, no supplements, just nutritious food! My go to snack was blackberries, a hard boiled egg and an avocado.
I was doing crossfit about 4-5 times a week and I just pushed myself until I had nothing left. After the challenge I have maintained a mostly paleo lifestyle but have cheat snacks or meals here and there.