Our 630pm class

We spent this weekend in St George hiking, exploring, and swimming with friends and family.  It reminded me why I wanted to be fit in the first place:  To enjoy a higher quality of my life with my family, play hard, and try out some new sports.  We rock scrambled, hiked, dove off a high cliff in a canyon, climbed up a waterfall, and in general got dusty, dirty, and tired.  My little guys loved being outside and thanks to an active healthy lifestyle were able to keep up with a minimum of whining.  Summer’s coming and I  know you’ll all be headed outside to play soon.  What are some of your favorite spots in Utah?

Our 6:00am Foundations is sold out this week but we’ve got 2 slots left in our 10am and 6pm class.  If you’ve any friends who are ready to get started tell them to sign up now. We’ll be doing a promotion in May that if one of your friends sign up their first month is half off and you get half off that month as well.  We’ll honor it this week if you’ve got anybody ready to pull the trigger.

25/April/2011 Monday WOD

Back Squat 3, 3, 3 (Max Efforts)

Front Squat 20 AFAP – 165/115 then:

21, 15, 9

Calories Rowed

Slam Ball (30/20)

GamesLab:  Do the above plus what’s posted to comments