I had one of those small trite epiphanies this week which as I thought it through made more and more sense.  It occurred to me that WCF is partially female-owned, employs a majority of women, and that a big part of what we do is empower women to be strong, lift heavy weights, compete, and in general smash the limits that normal society can put on them.  While I would love to say that I had a grand business plan which recognized the awesomeness of women and a mission statement designed to create social equality and feminine Utopia, that’s not the case.  Instead, we have a culture that recognizes excellence but does so indiscriminately.  It’s one of the huge themes running in the background that I hold so dear with Crossfit.  We prize excellence above labels because labels can’t get you through a tough WOD.

Are you yoked to the max, all buffed out, your Mom’s an Olympic skier and your Dad’s a billionaire?  So what, let’s see how you do in the WOD.  Is your makeup perfect every time you workout and your outfit brilliantly coordinated?  Let’s see how you feel after 100 burpees and deadlifts…chances are you’ll be humbled like every one else in the room.  Hard work is the great equalizer and so is measuring performance.  In Crossfit performance is what really matters and aesthetics, background, looks, they all take a back seat to the ability to perform.  Our trainer culture at WCF is the exact same way and we’re fortunate to have what I consider some of the best trainers in Utah because excellence is what we prize.  So thank you to our amazing female athletes, trainers, and owner for coming in, stepping up, and bringing your A-game each and every day.

21/Dec/2011 Wednesday WOD

2 Rounds of:

Max Consecutive Ring Dips

Max Consecutive Chin-ups

Max Consecutive Strict Knees-To-Elbows (no Kip)

Max Consecutive Double-Unders

250m Row (sprint)

Record your total reps across both rounds to the Whiteboard plus your row times.


Burly – Back Squat lockouts from 24/20 inch box.  Within 7 sets build to heaviest double you can safely do.  Belts are recommended.

Endurance:  Row 1K, 500m x 2.  Hold same pace.  Rest :30 between rows, 5 min between rounds.