Ximen is now teaching a yoga class on Wednesday nights at 745pm.  Come check it out, we could all use a little mobility work and stretching.  She’s also doing a yoga cool-down for our Saturday classes.

24/Oct/2013 Thursday WOD – Courtesy of a Coach Adrian recommendation, CrossFit Belmont

Fitness Test:  2 minutes max effort/2 minutes rest

Push Ups

Sit Ups

Pull Ups


Perform 2 minutes of each movement.  Rest as needed, but complete as many reps as possible.  Take exactly 2 minutes rest, then move to the next movement.  This is a bench mark to see where you are in your fitness journey, so let your heart be your guide!!!!!!!!!!

Buy Out: 30 Kettle Bell Swings (Heavy as you can!)  Remember that we have the 96lb and 106lb big boys!