Tonya’s back!  We had a huge turnout Saturday morning for the WOD and then Tonya led us in Crossfit oriented Yoga cooldown.  She’s going to be doing a 4 week Yoga mini boot-camp designed to restore and rejuvenate us as well as increase our functional mobility.  It will be Tues & Thurs at 10am and 7:30pm and all 8 sessions will only cost $15.

Thank you to everyone who brought Paleo deliciousness to the BBQ on Saturday and to Tiffany for organizing it.  We’ll have the pictures up this afternoon.

Last of all, here are two people’s experience of the challenge so far.  They’re both doing awesome and thanks for sharing this:

I have been eating really strict, only skipped a day for Easter. I hope I am still in the running, but its ok if I’m not. I signed up for the challenge for myself. Wanted to make myself give up the crutches that I thought I needed, to see if it would make a difference (soda especially). It has been hard since I have two little kids who seem to snack all day long, but I am sticking to it. Even though there have been a few days I wanted to quit and eat an entire pizza in one I am seeing a major difference in my waist the most so far. Most of my jeans are pretty baggy now.And I am at the last notch on most of my belts. I weighed 126 at the beginning of the challenge and I am at 122, 4.5 weeks in. Honestly I didn’t think I would see much of a result, but I was way wrong. I know for sure I am thinner than I have ever been (even in high school) and I am stronger than I have ever been by far! 9 months of Crossfit and I know without a doubt I will never do anything else!!!  – Holli P

I’m going strong on the challenge. I’ve missed only one day of strict eating so far, so I hope I’m still in the running.I’ve been performing very well on the WODs lately, hopefully not just because they have been tailored to my strengths. My recovery has been much better than it was a month ago. And this is even though I’m working out even more.I’ve also lost 10 pounds and 2 inches on my waist. I’d like to lose another 2 inches. Hopefully that’s doable, but I’d be satisfied for a little over 1 more inch by the end of the challenge. – Chris B

Hot Mama doing pullups, chalked up hands, & nicely painted nails:  Strong is beautiful!

9/May/2011 Monday WOD

Back Squat 3, 3, 3*

WOD – “Heavy Fran”

15, 12, 9

Thrusters 135/93

Weighted Pullups (40/20)

*Attempt to increase load each set and above what you squatted last week.  Pullups can be weighted by holding a dumbbell between your feet, wearing a weight vest, or wearing one or two 20# chains.