• Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Technical Sales, Family Studies, and Exercise Science from Weber State University (2013)
  • Master of Science in Kinesiology and Adaptive Sport from A.T. Still University (2018)
  • CF-L2 Trainer (2018)
  • Active Life Professional (Nov. 2021)
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach (Fall 2021)


Lindsay is a former D1 collegiate soccer player turned fitness coach. She had a love for movement and fitness from a young age and was always doing workouts when she wasn’t playing soccer. Being a competitive soccer player from the age of 8, she worked hard to find ways to be better than her competition on the field, which included fitness. Lindsay had several offers to play at 3 other D1 universities, but decided to stay in Utah to play at Weber State University from 2008-2011. After her 4 years of playing soccer at WSU were finished, she found CrossFit and quickly realized that she wanted to be involved in coaching. 6 months later, Lindsay became a CF -L1 and began coaching for Wasatch CrossFit. Lindsay has now been with us for 6 years and prides herself in providing her athletes with a top-notch experience and quality coaching when they come to her class. Lindsay also coaches clients at the individual level through one on-one-coaching. In Lindsay’s personalized program, she assesses individuals to provide them a very personalized and progressive program to achieve a specific goal. You can find out more about her programming at www.livekinesis.com or @kin.e.sis on Instagram.


Programs offered by Lindsay:

    -One-on-one online coaching

    -Tendon Health

    -Breathing Mechanics & Breathwork

    -Pregnancy and Postpartum (coming soon!)


One-on-one coaching

       • Comprehensive movement screen and strength balance testing

     • Customized program written just for YOU based on:

           • Your goals

           • Movement screen findings 

           • Strength imbalances 

           • Training history

           • Equipment available

           • Amount of time you can put in

     • Up to 5 days per week

     • Completely remote and delivered through the True Coach app

     • Check ins 2x per week


Tendon health:

 • Comprehensive movement screen and strength balance testing

 • Customized evidence-based program to strengthen tendons

 • Specifically designed for:

       • Injury prevention

• Those who demonstrate symptoms of tendinitis and tendinosis 

 • Add this program to your normal training 

 • 12 weeks

 • Up to 3 sessions in the gym per week

 • Check ins 2x/week

 • Completely remote and delivered through the TrueCoach app


Breathing Mechanics & Breathwork

• Initial movement screen/breathing assessment

• Education on breathing mechanics, proper bracing during lifting, and incorporating proper breathing during exercise

• Address lifestyle and stressors to learn how the breath can apply to your everyday life

• Self-paced

• 6 weeks of breathwork exercises

• Completely remote and delivered through the TrueCoach app

• Check in 1x per week





825 UT-193 

Layton, UT 84041

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